CompanyService will relieve you from practically all the administrative burden related to the common running of your company. You can concentrate on other parts of running your business and we will take care of the administration of your firm.


  • Registered office
    • Šulekova 4, 811 06 Bratislava – from 20,- Eur/month
    • Šulekova 2, 811 06 Bratislava – from 40,- Eur/month
    • Palisády 33, 811 06 Bratislava – from 55,- Eur/month


  • Mail collecting, keeping mail in post box and mail forwarding:
    • mail receiving – free of charge
    • mail scanning – 10,- Eur/month
    • mail forwarding – 10,- Eur/month
  • Telephone and fax number
  • reception and secretarial services
  • meeting rooms – here

Company Administration

  • representation vis-a-vis tax and trade authorities
  • representation vis-a-vis other local authorities
  • issuing and processing of primary accounting documents
  • single-entry and double-entry bookkeeping
  • payroll record-keeping and payroll processing
  • auditing and tax consulting services
  • preparation of contracts and other legal documents
  • legal services
  • organizing of the general assembly and services connected with its execution
  • ensuring of notarial services
  • services related to the registration of changes at the Commercial Register and the Trade Office
  • translation services, etc.

Accounting services

CompanyService will provide you with the accounting services necessary for the operation of your business in the Slovak republic.

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Single-Entry & Double-Entry Bookkeeping:

  • processing of bookkeeping
  • processing of year-end closing, income tax return and VAT tax return
  • processing of consolidated balance sheet
  • transformation of a financial statement drawn up in compliance with the Slovak provisions to a financial statement in accordance with international accounting standards
  • accounting counselling
  • counselling related to the tax impact minimisation of transactions performed by a client
  • counselling regarding elaboration i.e. processing of intra-company directives for keeping accountancy books

Payroll Record-Keeping & Payroll Processing:

  • salary slips for employees and all necessary bank payment orders
  • reports for insurance agencies, statistics reports
  • reports of advance payments of income tax, reports of posting advance payments of income tax from dependent activity
  • representation of your company during audits by The Social Insurance Agency or Tax Authority

Bank Accounts

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The service includes assistance in:

  • selection of appropriate local bank according to client’s needs
  • opening bank accounts with local banks in different currencies


  • selection of loan products


  • realization of foreign exchange

Tax consulting and auditing

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The service includes:

  • auditing of the financial statement
  • auditing of the consolidated financial statement
  • tax consulting services
  • processing of the income tax returns
  • representation vis-a-vis local tax authorities
  • international tax planning

Legal services

CompanyService offers complex legal services within private and public law. In all legal spheres, we offer legal services in materially – legal issues and at the same time pleading in legal disputes and other lawsuits at courts and other bodies of the public authority.
CompanyService intermediates legal services in dispute and non-dispute agenda, in elaboration of agreements and deeds on legal acts, written and spoken consultancies, execution of legal analysis. We participate in proceedings and negotiate on behalf of our clients.

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Commercial law
Civil law
Law of intellectual property
Constitutional and state law
European law
Labour law
Administrative law
Financial and economic law
Judicial and extra judicial solving of disputes