Holding includes legally separate business companies, which are mutually personal- or property-interconnected. One of the business companies (mother company) has a dominating position, from which other daughter companies belonging to the holding are managed and controlled.

It is necessary to create this holding structure in targeted manner, and to take individual and often specific entrepreneur`s needs into account.

The holding structure has to be fully acceptable to the domestic, as well as foreign tax authorities, and besides  flexible enough, so it could be adapted to changing circumstances and future entrepreneur`s requirements for implementing wide range of advantages offered by it.

The holding structure created through domestic companies only is no table to use important effects of a  foreign structure.  However, for the existing national holdings their rebuilding into transnational ones can also be proposed and implemented.

Entrepreneurs opt for formation of a holding structure in time, when they already generated or acquired sufficient business incomes, and they need to protect them, optimize taxation and financing, or they want expand their business that areas that are new or more risky than current ones.

We are ready to provide maximum comfort referring to services related to administrative support and management to our clients.  Our client is only subsequently notified and then we use to send solutions results to him.

Services most frequently used by our clients:
  • financial accounting and audit (if needed)
  • providing for corporate documents circulation(extracts from Register of Business Names, acknowledgments of the establishments, Powers of Attorney, notarization, or providing for affixing Apostille to documents, contracts signing, etc.)
  • official translations of corporate documents into Slovak or foreign language
  • consultation and advisory services of different kind ( for example economical, tax, accounting, legal, IT)