One of the basic requirements of investors and entrepreneurs entering a foreign market is a problem-free and simple registration process for business entities in the given country. CompanyService relieves you from all the administrative burden connected with the formation procedure of your company in the Slovak or Czech Republic. We are able to incorporate new limited liability company or joint stock company structured exactly to clients’ requests.

We offer:

  • incorporation of new companies following our clients’ instructions,
  • intermediation of the notarial service,
  • preparation of standard corporate documents,,
  • filling of applications for trade certificates or trade licenses,
  • acting on behalf of our clients before state authorities,
  • intermediation of legal services,
  • services connected with the registration of changes at Commercial Register,
  • tax registration of newly incorporated companies.

Actual list of the slovak ready – made companies:

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Právna forma
Dátum zápisu
Cena (so sídlom CompanyHouse)
Cena (bez sídla CompanyHouse)
50921681LUCERNA s.r.o.s.r.o.7.6.2017od 489,- Eurod 669,- Eurrezervovať
50922475RoyalCompany s.r.o.s.r.o.7.6. 2017od 489,- Eurod 699,- Eurrezervovať
50922017Royalta, s.r.o.s.r.o.8.6.2017od 489,- Eurod 669,- Eurrezervovať